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PlayCo is committed to maintaining affordable access to all of our artistic programming as a core component of our mission to create a more expansive and inclusive vision of the American theatre, so that price is not a barrier to participating in our work.

We believe that we have an obligation to the diverse and vibrant communities we serve, and so have recently revised our ticketing structure to align even more closely with our values, lowering general admission prices for our productions and expanding our Theatre For Everyone program to make $10 tickets available at every performance.

Over the next few productions, we will continue to gather feedback and may revise our ticketing structure to best meet the needs of our audience, community partners, and the organization. Our ticketing structure for spring 2023 is as follows:

THEATRE FOR EVERYONE – $10 – TFE tickets serve to extend a heartfelt welcome to audience members for whom access to the theatre has not historically been guaranteed, whether due to physical/financial barriers or cultural exclusion. These audience members may include (but are not limited to) those who have been historically marginalized and excluded from the theater, first-time theatergoers, students, teachers, artists, and service workers.

Previously, TFE tickets were only sold for a limited period of time. Now, a block of TFE tickets has been reserved for each performance throughout the run of the show with no time limit for purchase (subject to availability).

GENERAL ADMISSION – $28 – General Admission tickets are calibrated to be at an accessible rate for most theatergoers, and includes a $3 processing fee which helps underwrite the TFE tickets. We encourage attendees who are consistently able to meet their day-to-day needs to pay the General Admission price in order to allow those who cannot equitable access to TFE tickets. Previously, the price of general admission was $35, not including the processing fee.

PAY-IT-FORWARD – $65 – Pay-It-Forward tickets are for audience members who are consistently able to meet all of their day-to-day needs and wish to empower PlayCo to keep our ticket prices accessible across the board. All PlayCo tickets are subsidized to some extent, and supporting PlayCo through purchasing tickets at this rate helps us continue to prioritize equity and inclusion in our programming, keeping ticketing costs modest for all. The cost of this ticket includes a processing fee which helps underwrite the TFE tickets.

TRUE VALUE – $100 – True Value tickets are for audience members who can consistently meet their everyday needs, and wish to empower PlayCo’s vision for an expansive and accessible American theatre by paying the true price of the ticket without additional subsidy. Includes a $7 processing fee.

Our OpenHouse program has also been reconceived to focus on strengthening PlayCo’s relationships with our artists, peer theatre organizations, NYC schools, and community partners, led by our Community Engagement Manager Carolina Do. For each production, an allocation of complimentary and subsidized tickets will be distributed to our community partners, and to encourage opportunities for different members of our community to gather and connect via related programming. To optimize attendance, the PlayCo team will work with individual partners throughout the run to ensure that their community’s specific access needs are addressed to the best of our ability.

For additional questions about ticketing, please reach out to Marketing Assistant, Kayla Zanakis.

For questions about OpenHouse and community partnerships, please reach out to Community Engagement Manager Carolina Do.